I wrote these songs (and performed them). Some are based on real songs you might have heard on the radio and others are based on real instrumentals you haven't heard on the radio. All of them were made to sell an idea or a concept. Maybe I missed my calling as a superstar pop star. Or, maybe these songs aren't that good. You’ll just have to find out yourself.

Sung Heroes
Because the unsung heroes should be sung about too. A concept we pitched to win new business. It worked.

Good Job, Missy - All about Missy in marketing.

David, Behind the Plow - Because even the guys who drive the plows should be recognized for their good work.

Bart vs The Books - A legend in the accounting department.

This one helped us (VML) win our new business pitch with QuikTrip.

See my other work

My very first TV spot. The story about how I turned my once-a-week blog posting gig into a copywriter/VP of marketing gig for a sweatshirt startup. More TV/social spots, this time for water conservation. Also, a radio spot where a mom tries to trick her son into thinking it’s national walk to the park while eating a donut day so she can talk to him about underage drinking. A TV spot about how riding public transportation can sometimes feel like flying. A few more radio spots, this time about how the choice to drive buzzed can be a devestating one for somebody else. Oh, and all the work I did as an intern. Thanks for checking it out.