Coby Gerstner


I like working in advertising because it fuels my pizza habit. Also, because I get to write about things like “the all-new days of ‘47 cowboy games & rodeo” for a living. I’d rather write about candy (pictured above) though.


My first TV spot was about preventing underage drinking. Then there’s the story about how I turned my weekly blog posting gig into a copywriter/VP of Marketing gig for a sweatshirt startup. Here are the videos we made to inspire people to quit smoking. Here’s the campaign we ran to shame Big Tobacco for taking 11 years to put out the lowest effort/production admissions of guilt. When Boeing wanted to make a virtual tour for the Renton factory where they do incredible things, I worked on the project and wrote the script. Experience it here. We won some awards for that. I have more TV/video spots, this time for water conservation. Also, a radio spot where a mom tries to trick her son into thinking it’s national walk to the park while eating a donut day so she can talk to him about underage drinking. Some radio spots about how the choice to drive buzzed can be a devestating one for somebody else. And all the songs I wrote and recorded for new business pitches. Thanks for checking it out. 


R&R Partners – Senior Copywriter
R&R Partners – Copywriter
VML – Copywriter
DigitasLBi – Associate Copywriter Intern
Beloved Shirts – Copywriter/VP of Marketing
BYU – Advertising/AdLab/English Minor


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A documentation of all the great faces and crowd reactions at WWF wrestling events in the 80’s and early 90’s. It’s intimate and it’s vulnerable. 


A poem I wrote about my cat, Marnie.

My cat sits at the foot of the screen door.
Fifth floor.
Never been out there before.
Sniffing the wafts of wings flapping.
Clouds passing.
People buying bulk, yapping.
Ready to run for the balcony, soon,
I can feel as  she swoons
at the sunset,
as if that meant anything to her at all.

Coby Gerstner is a copywriter who has worked in New York City, Kansas City, Salt Lake City and Provo. He’s currently at R&R Partners where some days he writes the newsletter for a bakery/cafe, other days he eats the food from that bakery/cafe. Some days he writes radio, or billboards, or TV, or online banners, or press releases, or emails to his co-workers, asking if they want to go on a walk to the gas station. He is a fan of 32 oz. sodas.